Claudio Rodriguez

Miami Skyline Construction·Corporation, the leading Builder in South Florida for diverse market segments. Miami Skyline Construction Corporation better known as MSCC has earned recognition for making a difference in their community one project at a time.

Claudio Rodriguez grew up in San Juan Argentina, the son of a General Contractor. At a young age, he learned all the training and principals of running an honest business and the basics of the Construction Industry and eventually became his father’s right-hand-man on Governmental Community Projects while knowing the importance of completing his education. Focused on assisting with the delegation of his family business, Claudio furthered his education mastering the construction industries essentials.

Claudio moved to New York City to continue his education and soon built his own business in 1990 called Skyline Construction . The business grew rapidly in the private and commercial sectors.

This growth eventually steered him to relocate in 1993 to a marketed location that was booming for its Custom Homebuilding and shedding old fads while evolving into a historical Urban transformation.